About the Designer:


Tanya Moss has been designing and crafting gorgeous jewelry for more than 20 years. Educated in the United States, she has perfected her work in precious metals and natural stones and focuses on designing inspirational pieces that encourage women to find their own meaning and sentiment.


Tanya loves to design comfortable jewelry that is versatile and long-lasting. She designs her pieces specifically around the materials, to ensure that every piece is so comfortable it feels like your second skin and will wear forever. Tanya excels at precious metal work and all of her pieces use high-quality metals: sterling silver, vermeil; 24 gold plated sterling silver, and gold. When you wear or gift a Tanya Moss piece, you know it’s the best.


Tanya also appreciates jewelry that can be mixed and matched effortlessly. It’s the kind of jewelry that you know your pieces will coordinate nicely together without effort… and we all love that! Tanya designs her collections to be cohesive around a shared inspiration or concept, so regardless to which piece you choose to wear you will know your look will be fantastic. So go ahead - wear any piece from any collection and know they will work together instantly (this is also great for gifts… put 2 pieces together from any collection and done!)


The butterfly is unique to Tanya and her gorgeous jewelry lines. The monarch, symbolic of so many moments in life that we all can relate to, is a central point of inspiration for Tanya. The butterfly’s journey in life is truly incredible; the transformation from cocoon to first flight, the long sailing journey of migration, and reproduction. It’s incredible how symbolic a butterfly can be reflected in our own lives.  It is inspiration like this that Tanya strives to design around with the goal of creating beautiful pieces that anyone can relate to.


Tanya Moss is quickly becoming an internationally recognized brand. Each piece is hand-finished and made of quality precious metals and stones. When you purchase a Tanya Moss product, you can be sure that you are receiving a high quality product made with love and care.




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