In 1993, having completed her professional studies, Tanya Moss began her professional career as a jewelry designer and business woman. In 1995 she opened her first boutique in Mexico City and began to position herself as one of the most important jewelery creators in the country. In 2003, crea she created his iconic butterfly. This becomes the symbol and identity of the brand.

In addition to silver and gold jewelry; During the following years Tanya Moss designs masks, glasses, bags and leather articles, turning the brand into a "lifestyle". Currently, Tanya Moss has more than 30 own boutiques and store-in-stores in El Palacio de Hierro. As well as various points of sale in Mexico and abroad.Tanya Moss. designs are frequently proudly worn by personalities and opinion leaders in fashion, art, politics and business. Through her creative and avant-garde work and the evolution and conceptual development of her jewelry, Tanya Moss has positioned herself not only as a great designer, but as a recognized brand with enormous potential in the field of jewelry, fashion and design.

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